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The Federation of Master Builders | The FMB is a trade association that promotes professionalism and high quality workmanship among small and medium-sized building firms throughout the UK. Only builders and specialists who can comply with the FMB entry criteria are accepted as members. The Federation logo on builders’ vehicles and stationery is widely accepted as the hallmark of a builder who takes pride in the quality of their work, and who matches it with an equally well-run business. In addition, the FMB Code of Practice means that you can expect professional and ethical working procedures and practices from the FMB builder you have selected.

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NHBC | The NHBC (National House Building Council) is the standard setting body and leading warranty and insurance provider for new and newly converted homes in the UK. To be registered with the NHBC, builders and developers must demonstrate financial security and technical competence. The NHBC carries out commercial and technical assessments of all applicant builders and developers before offering “registered” status. All registered builders agree to comply with NHBC Rules and build homes to NHBC Standards of construction.

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CONSTRUCTIONLINE | Constructionline is the UK register of pre-qualified local and national construction and construction-related contractors and consultants. Owned and endorsed by the DTI, Constructionline is a contributor to the Rethinking Construction initiative. The benefits of Constructionline are as a one stop source of registered companies who have satisfied the usual prequalification criterion. Information on financial matters, policies, insurance and the like are regularly updated. This enables a speedy assessment of a Contractors abilities.

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CHAS | Chas (the Contractors Health and Safety Scheme) is a scheme used by Construction companies when short listing contractors, suppliers and consultants who apply to work for them. It provides information about the Health and Safety part of their application. By participating in the CHAS scheme, Frederick F Smith (Builders) Ltd is able to appoint sub-contractors and suppliers who meet the health and safety criteria in the pre-qualification application. This gives peace of mind to our clients that everyone involved in the project is fully aware of health and safety.

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